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Mouth, Muscle and Mind Concept


Adopting a healthy lifestyle is essential for living a happy and meaningful life.

Our health will instantly improve as we commit more time to these healthy habits.

There has been a more profound understanding of quantum theory and its application to universal energy in the last few decades, which has revolutionized the way we appreciate the human body and its connection to universal energy, which permeates all things in existence, wraps around them, and connects them. So everything is connected, and once you understand this concept, it becomes easy to realize how every component of health is equally important.

For decades, scientists have identified and examined this vital energy field.

The four fundamental forces in nature are the gravitational, electromagnetic, weak, and total nuclear forces. Because they work on such a tiny scale (quantum) compared to the macroscopic world, we can see all around us; contemporary science has yet to comprehend these forces and their countless combinations completely.

However, these forces are present in all matter in some form or another. The scientist Max Planck made quantum physics renowned when he proposed the premise of universal quantum energy in 1900. He did so when he stated his idea about light being released from hot substances as "quanta," or packets of power, instead of continuous waves, as other scientists, including Albert Einstein, had previously imagined. Einstein felt there was no limit to the amount of light generated by hot objects such as stars or planets.

This notion helps explain why certain materials absorb particular wavelengths better than others, leading to further in-depth investigations into this issue until we know more about what makes up everything around us than we ever have. It explains photosynthesis.

It helps us comprehend why there is a carbon cycle of life on our planet and why plants take energy from the sun for photosynthesis to manufacture certain nutritional compounds and oxygen to keep us healthy and live long enough to produce the carbon dioxide they require for living.

Creating a cyclical loop of a win-win situation for life on our planet

The School of healthy living is anchored on the concept of Mouth, Muscle, and Mind, summarised below, based on the five pillars of Lifestyle Medicine. We will enjoy sharing some tips for living a healthy lifestyle that will allow you to live the optimal life possible:

Meet with Vegetables and Bread Crumps

MOUTH (Nuitrition)

Because our mouth and nose are the gateways through which our internal milieu communicates with the outside world, maintaining our internal homeostasis and metabolism is strongly reliant on eating healthy meals.

Plants contain thousands of phytochemicals specifically made using the sun's photons and carbon dioxide. They have been found to influence all epigenetic modifications necessary for healthy aging positively.

There is also significant evidence from scientific data that eating a primarily plant-based diet is the single most crucial life-changing change any man can undertake to achieve optimal health.

So, to maintain a healthy metabolism while surviving on an omnivorous diet, we must regularly consume large quantities of fruits and vegetables, which have almost all needed nutrients and provide adequate antioxidant protection, limiting free radical activity and oxidative stress and preventing systemic inflammation.

Also, Reduce your intake of processed foods.

Limit your intake of meat, sweets, and salt.

Reduce your consumption of saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, and salt as much as possible.

Outdoor Fitness

MUSCLE (Physical Activity)

To keep your health, you must engage in physical activity.  The Mitochondria, which are the battery of our cells, need optimal energy management balance between input and output as well as oxygen utilization to avoid producing reactive oxygen species that are detrimental to cellular health and health.

Science now recommends just 150 to 300 minutes of physical activity at a moderate pace or intensity. Moderate intensity or pace is defined that your breathing and heart variability being optimized to a point where you can talk but cannot sing. This translates to as little as 30 minutes daily for five days a week.

Begin with something simple to complete, and if you discover that you can do more as time passes, go to something more challenging. You can also use the 7-Minute Workout app, available on Android and iOS devices, to get started with shorter bursts of exercise throughout the day; however, keep in mind that long periods of more vigorous exercise are recommended if it is possible for you!

It is also recommended that using high-intensity interval training with short bursts of high-energy activities like sprints with intervals of low-energy activity like walking done for shorter periods of 75-150 minutes per week is optimal.Recommended strength training activities like weights, squats, and push-ups done 2-3 days a week are essential to maintain muscle strength and bulk. for optimal energy management.

Children in Yoga Class


The brain is the master controller of all the 35-49 trillion cells of our body, and the currency of the brain is the mind.

Maintaining the mind in a regulated, still, and controlled function can be done, but stress is the most critical disruptor of this state.

Most chronic diseases' causative factors are now traced back to stress.

Stress may be caused by many factors, including work, family, relationships, money, etc.

To control stress, we must regulate the distorted equilibrium of the mind by controlling the stress response and the rate and rhythm of breathing.

This control, often termed meditation, is the best way to help you relax and feel more at peace.


Relationships and community connections that are in excellent health

The support one receives from one's social network is essential to one's health and well-being.


It's not enough to have a few close friends; you also need to feel a part of a broader group because a healthy lifestyle is often challenging to accomplish on your own, such as quitting smoking or losing weight, or if you are battling a severe condition such as cancer or diabetes, having the support of your friends and family is critical.

Also, when things get challenging, proper social support can inspire you and help you keep your spirits up when they begin to pull you down again due to the hard work.


Spiritual practice and rationalism

The practice of rational spirituality, which provides a road to enlightenment, may help individuals make meaningful connections with the universe and other people. It is about finding meaning in everyday things like what we eat and how we exercise.

Rational spirituality is more than just yoga or meditation; it also involves taking care of one's physical health and enhancing one's mental and emotional well-being. If you are healthy on all levels, you may find it easier to deal with stress and other challenges.

Running Up the Stairs

You must also obtain enough sleep at night. Although eight hours of sleep is recommended for most people, some may need less or more sleep based on various variables, including their age and lifestyle choices, such as how much coffee or alcohol they take in the hours before night. These practices have been shown to interrupt quality, peaceful sleep cycles while sleeping. Too much rest during the day may leave us feeling unproductive when attempting to complete tasks such as schoolwork or house chores, whereas having enough downtime after a long day means feeling refreshed when getting back up again the next morning - don't forget how vital relaxation can be, since stress has been shown countless times throughout history as being directly linked to reducing longevity years lost due to heart disease in those who are exposed frequently.

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